Free Energy Tesla Coil

If we run the query: Can Tesla coil generate "Free energy"?

Usually you will get the answer:
  • Tesla coil have no practical applications, they are just entertaining by create sparks
  • Although the Tesla coil emits "electrical radiation" and this electricity can transmit without wires. However, due to the inverse square law, this energy will not travel far.
  • Tesla coil are just resonant transformers that produce high voltage but high frequency. The output of the Tesla coil will not be suitable for ordinary electrical equipment operating at 50 - 60Hz.

All of these statements are false or incomplete. Although we can feel it intuitively. Behind that perception could be an argument: Did Dr. Tesla invent the Tesla coil just for entertainment? Tesla's texts sayings were never joke. Today's science is still deciphering Tesla's ideas. That shows that Tesla is not a scientist who creates entertainment.

So can the Tesla Coil create "Free energy"?
The answer is yes. Many researchers have verified that. Or some scientists understand the theoretical nature of Tesla, and they invented the works, and then were suppressed by force and the media. For example: Dr. Henry Moray, Edwin Gray, etc.

Where is free energy in the Tesla Coil?

The problem is where it is? And how generate free energy there?

I dislike using the term Free Energy. Because it will cause misunderstanding and annoyance when the mind is ingrained in the law of conservation of energy. Instead, I prefer to use the term Energy in Ether / Aether

Where is free energy in the Tesla coil?

In electrical engineering there is the term "damped circuit".

Basic Tesla coil diagram:

Tesla coil diagram - Free Energy Tesla Coil

When C1 and L1 are in a stationary state, not energized, it is moistened. This means that the dielectric is under pressure in Ether. It is an inherent property of matter, for which different matter exists a different tension.

Because the voltage applied to capacitor C1 is very large, in a very small time (quantified as Ts - unit of time), the capacitor has been fully charged. At that time, the spark gap allowed current to flow, and it was like a circuit breaker dampened. The voltage will skyrocket for a short time around Ts. This voltage is many times larger than the voltage of the secondary winding is fed to capacitor C1.

A sinusoidal half waveform with very large amplitude (amplitude of voltage) period Ts (With extremely small Ts - transient). The two halves of the sine image are symmetrical, we will have a cycle. So if there are 2 million half-sine waves this means we have an electric current of 1 million HZ.

Where is free energy born?
As mentioned above, the voltage and current will jump sharply in a very short time, just a fleeting moment in infancy. The free electricity is there, it's right at the circuit including C1, L1, spark gap.

This surge in voltage and current is exactly the same as the phenomenon: closing a DC breaker, in a large electrical system. The result is a surge in voltage and current in extremely small amounts. Simply understood, the dielectric energy that is latent in the circuit (matter) has the tension created by Ether. When tension is released, we have electricity.

Now you can still suspect it's still not Free Energy (the pressure of Ether). Because you can argue that when the voltage and current are soaring and divided over a small period of time, the power supplied to the transformer dissipates faster. That's not right. Because if the power supply to the primary winding of the transformer dissipates faster, that is, after Ts, until the next half cycle, circuit C1-L1 "demands" a higher voltage and higher current. This will cause the frequency of oscillation in circuit C1-L1 will be accelerated continuously.

But, in fact, the frequency of the C1-L1 circuit is stable! And based on the nature of Tesla coil, we can create high frequencies that carry high energy: Radio frequency - wireless technology. The electronics industry has been trying to hide this from the very beginning, and with the cover of Nikola Tesla's name.

If the L1-C1 "demands" a lot of electricity from the source, the radio, radio technology, and telephone do not work!

Note: You are reading a bit of secrets about radio technology.

In addition to the Ether Energy problem in the Tesla coil mentioned above, there are many other phenomena occurring. One striking phenomenon is that the magnetic field collapses rapidly at the speed of light on the L1 coil. Because the spark gap causes electricity to collapse after ignition. The magnetic field generated by that dielectric then collapsed, and it decreased at the speed of light. That is equivalent to having a magnet go through the core of L1 at the speed of light. A pure electricity produced in L1, it is called "electric radiation", "Cold Electricity" or Radiant energy. This can be seen in Tesla's hairpin circuit.

Note: The fast-falling magnetic field is a negative magnetic field, because the direction of the magnetic field's collapse is directed into another dimension of space.

Problems faster than the speed of light, longitudinal waves, etc. also occur in L1-C1. However, I will not mention it here.

What we are interested in this article is Free Energy Tesla Coil

Secondary coil of the Tesla transformer

Secondary windings also have many phenomena. However, it is basically just the step up from the primary coil L1.

Wi.kipe-dia, and some other documents in the book were wrong to say that: at the L2 secondary coil, the frequency was increased and the voltage stepped up.

In essence, the frequency is increased at L1, while at L2 is only the step up voltage. Wikipedia and mainstream science don't explain why frequencies rise at L2. in Germany, France, and the United States writing about the Tesla coil is different and contradictory in nature.

In France, they claim that there is a reflection phenomenon at the L2 coil. That is electric vibrations go to a torus and bounce back, and then a "stop wave" and resonator. However, they still ignore or avoid the problem of free energy and longitudinal waves.

The author of Wi.kipe.dia article in France relies on Chinese measurement data to talk about stopping waves and resonance phenomena on the L2 secondary coil. See the quote at the end of the article here:

The stopping wave phenomenon and the term resonant transformer on the L2 coil of the Tesla coil are fabricated, and misleading. They still lie as usual ... There is no resonant transformer, it's just an information. See why there is no resonant transformer: Real Tesla Coil

Basically, the L2 coil is just amplifying L1, or is an image of L1, but L2 is grounded.

At the L2 coil, there are two forms of energy of Ether (Free energy - if you prefer to call it by this term):
  1. Longitudinal waves - either scalar waves, or motionless waves - Other names, but they have the same nature
  2. Dielectric energy - the tension of the Ether produces a high current voltage - in a flash, electricity is extracted
Vertical waves emanate from the top of the Tesla coil, which is the opening of Tesla's wireless power transmission program.

Ether particle tube from Tesla coil - Radiant energy

Tesla's X-Ray tube, part of his method for utilizing "radiant energy," which operated from the top of a Tesla coil, providing a means to charge the "elevated insulated body of capacitance" C, with armatures T-T'.

 "Whenever the circuit is closed owing to the rotation of the terminal t', the stored energy is discharged" -- Tesla

With the second type of energy, if the L2 coil is not grounded, can we harness electricity from L2 ?

Harnessing electricity from the Tesla coil - Free Energy Tesla Coil

Harness electricity from secondary coil L2 - Ideas and diagrams 

Tesla technology is a banned technology. Capitalism, the upper class banned Tesla's technology. They take advantage of Tesla, but on the other hand, they hide technology. Tesla also knew it after the New York laboratory was burned down on March 13, 1895.

Tesla does not want its technology in the hands of "Evil Builders". Therefore, the interpretation and publication of Tesla's inventions is limited.

What Tesla leaves is the compressed information we decode. The simplest idea to exploit L2 coil as shown below. This circuit can work as a single-wire power transmission, however, it will work well with light bulbs, with DC or AC motors may not work.

Turn high voltage from Tesla coil to low voltage for use

A circuit that deciphered Don Smith's free energy device and found that electricity is "segmented" in the nature of the coil from the Tesla coil:

Don Smith's circuit is similar to the Tesla coil
Don Smith's circuit is similar to the Tesla coil

Visually, Don Smith's free Energy device is shown below:

Don Smith's free Energy device
Don Smith's free Energy device
Donald Lee Smith is famous for his high-powered, self-sufficient free energy designs. There are several videos on the web, showing some of his lectures, he has been granted a patent. Don stated clearly in one of his lectures, that he never did disclose the full details of his designs. However, Don says that he discloses enough for somebody who is experienced in radio-frequency electronics to be able to deduce the things which he does not disclose and so build a device for his own use. If that is the case, then anybody who has succeeded in doing so has kept very quiet about it afterwards (which would be understandable).

There are many other free energy researchers, they are "Evangelist" of Eric Dollard or someone. They are generally anonymous. They do not work for Energy companies. Most electricity supply companies now use Free Energy, to sell electricity at a high price. But these companies use money to suppress Free Energy - they are Electric Mafia. If a small company rebels on the market, or a secret-disclosing website, they will find a way to destroy it legally.

Researchers of Ether Energy do not want to become Mafia Electricity, they want to help people and spread free energy, in order to change the world.

Below, I will introduce the top 2 programs about Ether energy related to Tesla coil and electrical resonance. You have to pay for them, so they are alive without having to do Mafia Electricity.

Top 2 programs "Free Energy Tesla Coil"

The first program, very similar to the free energy in Tesla coil, is the Moray generator - Radiant energy. The summary of this program is as follows:
  • Harnessing electricity from the Earth: Neither is Schumann Resonance, nor is it known by Electromagnetism. It's The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats
  • Extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called “fractionation.”
  • Reverse Tesla coil - "Back to Back" mechanism
  • Combination of radiant energy and negative resistance to amplify electricity 
  • Nikola Tesla’s method of magnifying electric power by neutralizing the magnetic counter-forces in an electric generator
Official site: Moray radiation energy generator

The website will have a discount code after you move the mouse. The cheaper you buy the program, the more it will be cut off. However, the program still works well when discounted.

The program is located on Clickbank retailers. You can get a refund in 60 days for a good reason. If there is no reason, you still get a refund, but the next time, you will not be allowed to buy any products on Clickbank.

2nd program, use electrical resonance after increasing the voltage. Summarize the program as follows:
✔ Nikola Tesla’s method of magnifying electric power by neutralizing the magnetic counter-forces in an electric generator
✔ Currents are 180 out of phase with each other, Lenz's law naturally is broken
✔ Principle of Resonance to achieve Overunity
✔ Generate generators without rotating motion, but based on the principle of rotating magnets. Because magnetism varies based on electronic circuit design: coils, capacitors, Negative resistance, etc.The change of magnetism does not require the rotation of the magnet.

Generates Energy-On-Demand: Easy Power Plan Will Change Our World Forever

Although only the high voltage is related to the Tesla Coil. However, the way this program generates electricity is unique and easy to implement.

Which should you choose?
If you really like Radiant Energy, want to develop your knowledge of Electronic Engineering, then you should choose the first one: Moray radiation energy generator. Moreover, this program might be what you are looking for Free Energy Tesla Coil

For the second program (Easy Power Plan) it's unique and easy to make fabrication. And, it doesn't have as many electronic components as the first one. This is a good program and is for all levels.

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  1. Are you selling things, or what? Some things seems interesting, but then you end up selling, and this is not encouraging to the researcher.

  2. If you consider only what he says outside of those boxes, this logic is proof of becoming of very discerning researcher. I've texted with this guy for over a year or two now, albeit occasional, but we discuss this stuff and I agree with the general foundation he attempted to convey here... mostly, I think. With what I research being the same thing, I agree with this stuff, except that scalar fields are longitudinal fields, I can't remember anything else that stood out without re-reading.

    If you research Tesla and you arent finding articles with information mostly consistant with this, you arent on the right fourms! Tesla coils are not about fun sparks! If anything, the spark gap isnt even on many designs and the ones thay have it use a rusty nail! Ew! Far from what you need.

    I'm a long time independent researcher of these topics, and also vetted current physics theories. They really stride together step for step; namely e-infinity theory, and aether theory.

    Best of luck, researchers!

    1. Clarificarion: Scalar energy transmission is not the same as longitudinal wave energy transmission. Scalar is way cooler! :)


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